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Personalized Sessions
Online Programs
Corporate Programs

Personalized sessions can empower you through a time of transition, challenge and change, whether it is personal or professional.
Created from a place of trust, grounding and clarity they are tailored to your individual need to help you step into freedom, creativity and expression of your true nature. These one to one sessions are designed to draw from the wisdom of practices such as yoga, meditation. reiki, massage and more. Each session is personalized and through being present with the needs arising we can tackle the challenges being presented. Gain better understanding of your true self, your experiences and your choices in an empowered way.

Discover more of yourself to free yourself

- 1-on- 1 yoga sessions
-Family sessions
-Reiki/massage/energetic healings

A series of programs designed to help you dive deeper into core connection work. Using tools and activities to really embody the changes and understand the results of the explorations.

Built and designed to bring more integration and lasting change to the mind, body and emotions. As well as empowered choices for living the most conscious, free life you ever dreamed of.

Formats of the programs vary depending on the subject matter being addressed, the sure thing is that once you complete one of the courses you will have life long tools at hand to use, anytime anywhere.


Taking yoga and meditation into corporate environments, I create specialized programs to suit your company's needs. Bringing ancient wisdom into modern day environments I help create an understanding of how these tools can benefit better working relations, clearer objectives as well as promote health and well being on a personal, professional and company level.
Format's of the programs may vary depending on whether you are looking to improve work welfare, environment and relationships through continuous sessions, or wish to give your team a boost with a one off team building event or workshops.

One off taster sessions are also available.
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Tools and Talents

In each sessions a combination of some of the below tools may be used to work with.

Where to find me:

Friday Sessions starting at Heart Space Manor in Bondi Junction from 2nd February 2018.

45 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022